Station Staff Barbecue

Promoted by the Station Master and created by many of the team, including Peter BBQ Chef and Liz major caterer, with an enthusiastic supporting cast, the annual station barbecue was a delight for all staff attending this private event.

This was one of the first cool days when more than the T-shirt and shorts was now required. Nevertheless with the warmth of excellent burgers and hot dogs, delicious puddings, all washed down with wine, beer, cider and juice (we all were of course off duty!) and good company kept us all in the best of cheer.

The first photo shows Peter and Liz, caterer and chef on the left in deep discussion with Dave and Ron. Further pictures show sated staff after the meal, the Station Master now remembering, as the light fails, that he brought his camera!


Chef and caterer Peter and Liz (left) with in deep discussion with Ron and Dave.

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